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A Manicure and Pedicure Experience with Cerebral Palsy

Posted by berkeleyscot on November 3, 2007

Richard says I never relax and that I don’t know how to. He’s right.
I cannot sit and do nothing. Maybe it’s because I get stiff if I sit for a while, or maybe I grew up hearing, “The Devil finds work for idle hands to do.” I have never watched television or listened to music for the sake of it.
I watch television in the kitchen when I’m working there. Background music plays on the stereo in the living room. I hear it wherever I am in the house, but it’s simply ‘on.’
But recently, once a month, I’ve been relaxing for an hour or more, at Azul Spa and I love it!
I’ve been an intermittent client since it first opened over five years ago, but now I look forward to my monthly manicure and pedicure.
I‘m not a straightforward client for these procedures, but I’m grateful that I’m not treated in a way that makes me feel like that.
I dislike exposing my cerebral palsy self to people but the staff at Azul have always taken me in stride.
P, the manicurist who does my procedure is a joy.
She is aware of my particular needs and plans for them with no fuss.
The regular pedicure chair is too low for me but P has the manicure chair ready for me. My right leg is shorter than my left and my ankle doesn’t bend, but P cheerfully gets round that my getting on her knees to paint my toenails.
When I’m pedicured and painted, we move to the manicure table. P pushes me there in the chair. She doesn’t want me to spoil my freshly painted toes.
Step one is to soak my fingers in soapy water. This is no problem for the left hand, but P risks a soaking when she puts my right hand in the bowl. My right thrashes around, like a fish at the end of a rod, splashing water over me, the table and patient P.
At one time, I’d have been too embarrassed by this to ever have a manicure, but I’ve outgrown that and besides, I enjoy the pampering, even it gets a wee bit messy. It has helped me to stop biting my nails.
I don’t have my fingernails painted. My right hand bangs and crashes too much and chipped finger nail polish is too gross!
At the end of the session, P puts my sandals on and fastens them for me.
This lady has the right knack for helping me relax.
But I’m still keeping the Devil at bay by keeping my hands busy and there are pots and pans waiting to be washed!


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