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Keep off the Grass Update: We Owe the Raccoons an Apology!

Posted by berkeleyscot on November 7, 2007

We need a new sign for the lawn. Last week we saw the culprit who has been digging up the grass – a squirrel!
He’s turning the lawn into his winter larder. He’s been burying apples, which have fallen from a neighbour’s tree.
Of course, the raccoons could be helping him, but I have another plan to make them go away.
If I can’t beat them, I’ll join them!
Last week, Richard attended a conference in San Antonio, Texas.
He took time to visit The Alamo and brought me back a Davy Crockett hat.
It’s faux, of course, but it has a tail and it could be that the squirrel and his raccoon chums might let me in their gang if I wear it in the garden.
Then we could all dig up someone else’s grass!


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