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Christmas Lights

Posted by berkeleyscot on December 20, 2007

Our contribution of outdoor Christmas lights is quite modest compared to some of our neighbours. We have no Santa on the roof and no Magi in the garden. There are no twinkling, flashing lights.

We do have lights on the 2 lemon trees. The lights on the tree at the front are prominent and are regular outdoor tree lights, 2 strings of them. But the lights on the tree behind are not really visible.

It’s due to my Scottish thrift. When we were choosing lighting for our remodeled kitchen, I saw a string of red pepper chili lights decorating the counter of the showroom. I thought they would look great around one of the windows of my new kitchen. But they didn’t fit and I decided I didn’t want to spoil my new window frames with hooks drilled into them. So I thought they’d look better on the lemon tree, but there’s not enough of them to make a forceful display.

Next year we’ll light up the trees as if the fleet were in port. But now we’ll admire our neighbours’ festive extravaganzas and not mind if they think I’m a canny Scot!


One Response to “Christmas Lights”

  1. Mae said

    Hi Margaret, I was told by Anne or maybe it was Mary Davidson, to visit your website. Tonight the family are out, so, in trying to get Andy M’s show… again, was on his site, and here I am.
    I can remember going to Florida with the kids – many years ago now, and was stunned at all the Christmas lights and decorations. I guess if you don’t have snow, the next best thing is the lights and decorations. I had bought some more lights to put up this year, but we got the snow and ice early, and it has stayed (that’s a surprise), so I wasn’t about to go up a ladder with the ground underneath icy. Next year.

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