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“I was in Scotland, once …”

Posted by berkeleyscot on January 3, 2008

Said the checker at the supermarket on New Year’s Eve.

In all the years I’ve been shopping at this store, this particular checker has never said a word to me and I wonder how he knows I’m a Scot? He told me he has Celtic genes and that both his parents have Scottish ancestry.

“ Oh Aye?” I said, “And where did their families come from in Scotland?”  Well, he used to know, but he’d forgotten. But! he does have the family crest! He’d bought it on his one and only trip to Scotland.

“Where in Scotland did you visit,” I had to ask.

“Dublin,” he responded and said he’d had a great time at the Guiness brewery.

Spot the obvious mistake and win a major prize!


2 Responses to ““I was in Scotland, once …””

  1. Richard G said

    But Margaret – you’ve lived in the US long enough to know that there are only two countries on the planet … the USA and abroad.

  2. Happy New Year, Richard and Jean! Slainthe Bha!

    From the Scot’s point of view – I’m the one who is abroad!

    Aye yours,


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