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Posted by berkeleyscot on February 3, 2008

As we were leaving the gym this morning, we overheard 2 older ladies talking about muffs.

Muffs! That brought back a lot of memories and I joined in the conversation.

I’m sure I had muffs when I was wee, secured with a ribbon round my neck, but my favourite was the one I had when I was student in Edinburgh. I bought it at a church jumble sale for ninepence (This had to be before 1971 and decimal currency). I called the muff “Ninepenny” and I had it for many years. It was made of an unidentifiable fur and had a satiny lining.

Richard remembers that I used to put a fish supper in the muff! That kept the fish supper and my hands warm, but really didn’t do the muff any good. Eventually I had to discard it. A very good friend, in Edinburgh, made me a muff of black velvet. She made it to match the black velvet collar of a cape I had. I still have the cape and muff, but they are in a trunk in the attic and I haven’t worn them in many years.

I could have chatted to the 2 ladies all morning about muffs, but their personal trainer whisked them off for their exercise session. I look forward to seeing them again and hearing about the muffs they had when they lived in Minnesota.

I’d like to have a muff again, a big one, with compartments. I’d want to keep my mobile phone, reading glasses, house keys, and have a fish supper compartment, and another wee one to hold something to keep out the cold.

I can only dream of a sable coat with matching muff and a horse-drawn sleigh.


2 Responses to “Muffs”

  1. Mary C said

    I don’t recall you wearing a muff when we were quines – and I don’t recall having one myself – ever. Does that mean I had a deprived childhood?! LOL! I have a vague memory of sharing a pair of gloves – one glove each and the other hands in our pockets – was that with you? The older I get, the worse my memory gets, and it wasn’t that hot to start with :o(

  2. Hiya Mary:
    I think I had a muff when I was richt wee, afore I kent ye. It’s very possible that we did share a pair of gloves. It’s certainly the kind of thing we would have done on our stravaiging! And! we’re still quines! Jist aulder quines than we were!

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