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House Meme

Posted by berkeleyscot on February 21, 2008

Another meme. I got this one from Rachel Finch.

  1. When you walk in your front door, which room do you enter?
    A small lobby. It has a coat closet, which does not have room for many coats. There is also a chair in the lobby so we can sit and remove our outdoor shoes.
  2. Do you have a dishwasher?
    Yes. There are only 2 of us, but it seems to be running all the time.
  3. Is your living room carpeted or does it have hardwood floors?
    Oak floors. We took up the carpet soon after we moved in.
  4. Do you keep your kitchen knives on the counter or in a

    Knives are in wooden knife rack on the work peninsula.
  5. House, apartment, duplex or trailer?
  6. How many bedrooms is it?
    Technically, 3, but we both use one each as home offices, so we really only have one bedroom.
  7. Gas stove or electric?
    Dual fuel Viking. Gas top, Electric oven.
  8. Do you have a yard?
    Yes. Had it landscaped and a patio laid. Great to sit out in the summer and barbecue.
  9. What size TV is in the living room?
    There is no TV in the living room
  10. Are your plates in the same cupboard as your cups?
    Yes. All crockery all together at all times.
  11. Is there a coffee maker sitting on your kitchen counter?
    1 French press, 1 stovetop espresso pot. Those are Richard’s. There is 1 teapot for me.
  12. What room is your computer in?
    The room that I use as an office. I’ve got £500 and a room of my own.
  13. Are there pictures hanging in your living room?
    Yes. 3. 2 are cat faces by Marin county artist, Elly Simmons and one is a woodblock of ‘the tree of life’ that we bought soon after we were married in 1973. We have more pictures that we bought in local art galleries, but we have no idea where we put them. They are all of cats.
  14. Are there any themes found in your home?
    Yes. The house was built in 1929 and we’ve tried hard to keep as many of the original features as possible, even though we’ve had extensive remodelling. The lath and plaster walls in the living and dining rooms definitely have an earthquake theme. The cracks are a feature, not a bug.
  15. What kind of laundry detergent do you use?
    Any brand that is fragrance free and is on sale.
  16. Do you use dryer sheets?
    No. They did not agree with my dryer and the Miele technician told me to stop using them.
  17. Do you have any curtains in your home?
    Yes. In the living room, which takes the brunt of the afternoon sun. I insist that the bushes in front of the window be kept bushy. I want to get a Japanese screen for sun protection. It’s on the ‘to do’ list.
  18. What color is your fridge?
    Stainless steel
  19. Is your house clean?
    We do not live in squalor, but we are realistic and we do clean the house. We also have a monthly cleaning service.
  20. What room is the most neglected?
    Richard’s office. That is completely off-limits and a duster or vacuum never ventures there.
  21. Are the dishes in your sink/dishwasher clean or dirty?
    Dirty in dishwasher, clean in sink
  22. How long have you lived in your home?
    20 years
  23. Where did you live before?
    In USA, apartments in Berkeley. In UK, house in Cambridge.
  24. Do you have one of those fluffy toilet lid covers on your toilet?
    No, but I used to know people who did and they also had frilly toilet roll covers.
  25. Do you have a scale anywhere in your house?
    I assume this means scales to weigh myself. Yes. In my office and used daily.
  26. How many mirrors are in your house?
    4. One in my office. We bought this one in Robert Sayle’s in Cambridge, when we bought our house in 1975. I can see all of myself in this one. Three in the bathroom: one over the sink, a full length one on the door of the floor to ceiling medicine cabinet and a magnifying mirror. I never like what I see in that one, but it is necessary. One in the dining room. It’s small, with a decorated border. It was a gift from a friend who lives in Peru.
  27. Look up. What do you see?
    Cubbyholes and cupboards of my roll top desk that doesn’t have a roll top. My Cromarty Granny had a splendid roll top desk and I hoped to inherit it. But when that time came, I was already in USA and it wasn’t a good idea to import a desk with woodworm passengers. I had a desk made in the style of a roll top, with all the drawers, pullouts and drawers and the only photo I have of Granny sits on it.
  28. Do you have a garage?
    No. There was one when we bought the house, but we replaced it with a designer shed. It’s really the Tardis and goes “WHEE WHEE WHEE!

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  1. Please do!

    I like company on my blog.

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