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Where Do We Spend Our 35th Wedding Anniversary

Posted by berkeleyscot on May 30, 2008

We hadn’t given this much thought till last week. Richard travels a lot and I am very content to stay in my ain wee hoose.

We thought we’d walk at the Berkeley Marina, then come home and drink champagne, but OCH! We walk at the Berkeley Marina regularly. We love that walk, but a 35th Wedding Anniversary deserves something a wee bit extra.

We’d go away, but to whence?

I get stiff if I sit for too long so that ruled out a plane journey or long car trip.

I live very well in my ain wee hoose, where everything is set up to help me function at a high level. But leaving it might be a leap into the dangerous unknown.

After much positive argument, which to most others would be a shouting discussion, we remembered that, last year, on our way home from San Louis Obispo, we drove along Big Sur, past the Henry Miller Library and said, “We’ll come here next year!”

I Googled the accommodation at Big Sur.

There are campgrounds, one offering yurts. That wouldn’t suit, since I can’t get down on the ground.

There are also small hotels and motels, so I called a couple of them. I carefully explained my need for an accessible shower, with handrails and a seat. The receptionist at the first place had no idea if the showers were accessible, but she put me on hold while she asked.

The answer was that the shower is wheelchair accessible. There is a ramp into the shower, but no chair/stool or grab bars in the shower. I don’t know of anyone who uses a wheelchair who actually takes his or her wheelchair INTO the shower. I’m sure there are wheelchairs that are designed to be used in a shower, but they would not be a primary means of transportation. But this was no help to me at all and I called another motel. This time, I didn’t ask if the showers were accessible, but explained what I need. The answer was that they “In good faith, couldn’t help me.” There were no grab bars or seats in the showers.

Perhaps there are other accommodations at Big Sur that would suit, but, by this time, we had decided we’d stay at a hotel in Monterey. In the hotel we have chosen, all rooms have showers with grab bars and seats. We’ll have an ocean view, with balcony.

Making such accommodation for those of us, who need grab bars and seats in the shower, surely isn’t so difficult or expensive.

Someone said, ‘THE disabled don’t go on vacation anyway.’

Why don’t we? Not that I’m a “THE!”

Surely everyone would enjoy showering in the comfort of a shower with a seat and grab bars.


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