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Heat, Drought, Price of Petrol and ‘Going for the Rations.’ 2

Posted by berkeleyscot on June 25, 2008

We didn’t have a car. We walked to the local shops. On Fridays, the grocery boy delivered groceries on his bike. Milk was delivered daily by Jimmy the milkman and his horse, Peggy.

I said my first swear word when I repeated I heard what Jimmy called Peggy. She didn’t deserve it, but it was just the way he spoke!

Now with the price of petrol, I can say it again! “@$##%”

Richard and I take pleasure in saying we were ‘Immediate Post War Babies.’

We remember some food rationing that continued till 1954 when bananas were no longer rationed.

Mam always called grocery shopping, ‘going for the rations.’

Richard still has his ration coupon book. ‘Per ration per person per man, woman or child.’

We’re not THAT old, but how is it that our lives are quickly reverting to our childhood memories?

I think we’ll have a Victory Garden and keep chickens and a pig!

Do you dig it, Man?


3 Responses to “Heat, Drought, Price of Petrol and ‘Going for the Rations.’ 2”

  1. Mark said

    “Do you dig it, Man?” Is that Doric? I can’t find it in my Doric Dictionary? Maybe it Berklish.

    I’ve been living a little bit that way myself. We do have indoor plumbing, but we have been doing without heat, we won’t turn on the furnace until it gets really cold, and I walk in town to the grocery store, the post office, the bank. But this is by choice. I do have to drive to work, no choice about it. But when I don’t have to drive, I ride my bike or walk because I need the exercise and I don’t like sending the money to corrupt governments around the world.

  2. That’s cute,Mark!
    I was making a reference, obviously obliquely, to the “Dig For Victory” campaign. Richard and I did not live through that, but were very aware of it, as we grew up.

    Now, today, we have the first rain of the season. Right on schedule.

    But there have been blizzards in Scotland!

  3. Oh! we do also have indoor plumbing etc etc etc!

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