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Posted by berkeleyscot on August 12, 2008

Mingus is not our cat.  He is supposed to live with a family across the fence, at the bottom of the garden.
But, every morning, he appears at our backdoor, begging to come in.
He’s fast – and darts in as soon as we open the door.
He’s bites and scratches if we try to lift him up, so we let him stay in the laundry room. He jumps into the big laundry sink and rattles the lint trap until we heed his signal to turn the tap on so he can have a stroopie of water.
Now, the sad thing is that his family does not talk to us.   We see each other most days and especially at the weekends, when everyone is at home.
It’s odd that the family can see us, but never makes eye contact or acknowledge that we are so close together that we can hear each other’s conversations.  This does not faze Mingus one bit.
Most mornings, his lovely yellow eyes, stare at us through the glass panes of the backdoor. As soon as we open the door, he is IN and doesn’t care if his family is observing.
We don’t feed him, of course, but we do keep cat treats and use them to coax him out.  Mingus hates to be lifted up; he plays rough, but will happily run outside if we discreetly throw a few cat treats out.
If I had my own cat, I would be upset if someone used that method to get the cat out of my house, but often needs must, especially if Richard is away and I have to leave the house and lock up.
One day, his ‘Mam’ saw Mingus rush into the house as soon as we opened the door.   She was fizzing mad and yelled at me for ‘stealing’ her cat!  She yelled and shook her fist at me.  It was a whilie before she calmed down enough so that I could explain that we weren’t stealing Mingus at all, but he had chosen to come over. I told her I couldn’t lift him.
“Oh! If I’d known you are disabled I wouldn’t have shouted at you!”
Now, that is discrimination and I believe strongly in equal opportunity yelling.

But Mingus does discriminate.   He has shown, quite clearly, where he prefers to be!


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