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Time to Throw Away the Photographs

Posted by berkeleyscot on November 22, 2008

I remember winter evenings in Buckie when Granny would bring out the photograph albums.  It was a history lesson.

There were great-grandparents, dressed in their best, unsmiling, in sepia photos.

There were also sepia soldiers and sailors in uniform, posing before they left to fight. They were the Grandads and Great Uncles who had enlisted in First World War.

Turn the page to see more young men in uniform for the Second World War. These are of Dad and Uncles.

Then, wedding photographs, now in black and white, or tinted. Brides, wearing utility Wedding rings, clutched over-sized bouquets, which had more greenery than flowers, smiled tentatively at the camera. Why did the bridegrooms carry gloves and look stern?

Many of our relatives emigrated to Canada and New Zealand. homes. They’d grown taller, they were happier and they were busy.  They were swimming, having barbecues, going to proms and living a life that we knew nothing about.

We got a camera, a box brownie, so that we could send them photos of ourselves.

Dad had no photography skills. He’d pose us by the front door, focus and then we’d either not be in the photo at all, or he’d cut our heads off.

Richard and I have a large collection of photographs that we took on our trips over the years. We remember our trips to Provence, Scotland, Canada, Mexico and other destinations, but we haven’t looked at the photos for a long time.  Now that I’m looking at them again, I wonder why we took so many!

The photos are in no particular order and they’re mixed with photos that others have sent to us. If I do want to find a particular photo, I have to search every album.

I’ve started distilling the photos, with the plan to have no more than two photo albums.

Computers and digital photograph have changed how we look at photographs. It’s fun, it’s instant and the photos  can be enhanced, saved or deleted!


One Response to “Time to Throw Away the Photographs”

  1. Richard G said

    Keep some of the old ones – if you ever get into a family history project (and I got back to 1667) they come in handy. Know what you mean about all those more recent vacation trips though.

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