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What I’d forgotten about Buckie

Posted by berkeleyscot on November 30, 2008

One of my closest friends, in Buckie, recently celebrated her 60th birthday.

This birthday deserved more then the usual card, so I decided to send flowers.

Her birthday was on a Sunday and I thought I’d arrange for delivery on the Friday before, because she’d be busy with family and guests over the weekend.

“I’ll call the flower shop in Buckie on Wednesday,” I decided.  Buckie time is 8 hours ahead of Berkeley, so I called early in the morning to be sure of talking to someone in the shop before they closed for the day.

No one answered. The voice mail didn’t identify the shop and I chose to not leave the order with my credit card number.

What I’d forgotten about Buckie is that the shops close for half-day Wednesdays!

Apparently this is because of the Shops Act of 1912, which regulated working conditions of shop assistants and restaurant workers.

Half-day closing on Wednesday is far more civilized than trampling a store employee to death to get in the shop.

Buckie looks good!


5 Responses to “What I’d forgotten about Buckie”

  1. lani said

    Are you the BerkleyScot I met over at Amy’s place? Anywayz… amen to that. What a tragedy. Imagine what it would have been like if it had been hungry people going after food. Egads.

  2. Aye, Lani, I’m sure it’s I who posted on Amy’s blog.
    For as long as I’ve lived in USA, I’ve never seen the attraction of this ‘Black Friday’ shopping. For one thing, there’s nothing in those shops that I’d want to buy and I dislike being in crowds.
    This kind of stampeding does happen in countries that have severe food shortages, but I can’t see the sense in running over a man to get a toy, ‘batteries not included’ that will be discarded after Christmas Day.

    I suppose the opposite of such a stampede would be the British politeness when 2 people are trying to get through a door at the same time. One hold the door open and says “After you…” The response is “No! After YOU!” This exchange can go on for a long time….

  3. lani said

    I agree. I stay away from all stores on Black Friday. I actually think it’s quite appalling that a crowd would stampede and kill a man over a “thing” that they probably don’t/didn’t need anyway. What a sad story.

    You’re last paragraph gave me a chuckle. 😉

  4. Richard G said

    British politeness !! Not much of that these days – depends where in the country you are, and the further north then the more likely people will be civilised I think, but the sainted Maggie Thatcher started the “me first” rot 20 years ago and it’s been downhill ever since. But then, I’m a disgruntled ex-pat so I’m probably biased. Of course – Scotland is a land unto itself, as we all know, and they do most things better up there … just avoid London.

  5. retroglory said

    I don’t know…I forgot it being Black Friday went I went out, and really I didn’t see as many people out as I would have thought. It was crowded, but not that crowded. I suppose it was just that it was in the afternoon.

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