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Whisky is NOT Whiskey, but We’ll Agree to Call it Uisge Bheatha!

Posted by berkeleyscot on December 8, 2008

In the Dining section of the New York Times, Wednesday, December 3, Eric Asimov, food and wine critic, had an article, ‘Spirits of the Time. Highland Friends to Warm the Nights.

The first sentence reads: ”Unlike vodka and gin, rum and tequila, whiskey is serious business.”

Yes, it is serious business, especially when you call single malts from Scotland  ‘whiskey.’

There’s Irish whiskey and Scotch, which is ‘whisky.’

It’s on the label on the bottle. ‘Whisky.’

Some of us infiltrated Eric’s wine blog to protest. We didn’t know where else to go and we were upset.

Eric had used ‘whiskey’ in a similar column last year and we thought we’d explained his mistake to him.

Eric claimed it was an editorial decision to use ‘whiskey.’

Seems that the American spelling of whisky is whiskey, but that does not mean that a single malt from Scotland is a whiskey. It’s a whisky and should be so honoured.

But it was time to lay the matter to rest and Eric and I agreed that whisky or whiskey, Uisge Beatha is the water of life.

Slainthe bha, Eric!


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