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Why After Dark…

Posted by berkeleyscot on February 9, 2009

…Do they come to the door?

We’d eaten and were clearing up.

Someone rang the doorbell. Nobody was expected and we could have ignored it, but I do have a neighbour’s key and someone in that household might have locked themselves out.

I opened the front door. I didn’t switch on the porch light. I was off balance and it showed. My broken arm and knee problem has emphasized the condition.

The young man blurted, “Have you hurt your toe?”  I braced against the door frame and asked. ‘What do you want? How can I help you?”

He became off-balance too. I’ve no idea what he expected, but he was at a loss.

Maybe he wanted to prop me up to stop my swaying.

But I did hear him say he wanted money. He was trying to gather money to get a barber’s license…  HUH?

SO! You come round to houses after dark and ask for money?

AND I’d opened the door.

Richard appeared. “GO AWAY!” He said.

Was that Sweeney Todd? Or The Barber of Seville?

The Barber crossed the street and, from our window, we followed his house-to-house progress.

I called the local police, not 911 but the police station, and reported what had happened.

Richard and I still can’t agree whether the barber was wearing a light shirt or a dark shirt. I think he was wearing a leather jacket.

He might have had a gun – we might have had a gun.

After dark – WHY?


3 Responses to “Why After Dark…”

  1. benafia said

    I like your life story put up here. Here in the US we seem to value money ahead of human life. Makes us free slaves I guess. I’m referring to a post down the line on health insurance.

    I’m cut my own hair for the last 39 years, so from my own perspective, someone soliciting for a barbers license seems anachronistic. But feel free to tell this person if they come back that you hear people are learning to cut their own hair in hard times. Maybe I would put up Youtube videos but for the last 20 years I just cut the hair ends. Not a lot of style.

    Came across your blog on Alphainventions.

    Which way is Peoples Park?

  2. Catherine said

    What a scary thought. He could have staked out your house and know that you had a cast. I’m glad to hear that you were safe.

  3. Thank you for your comments, Benafia and Catherine.

    Thank you for reading my blog and I’ll read yours!

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