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I Have Not Blogged in Weeks, Because…

Posted by berkeleyscot on September 26, 2009

… I have been ill. It was not officially confirmed, but I had all the symptoms of the H1N1 Virus. When I spoke to my Doctor, he said they were no longer testing for the virus, because, by the time the results came back, most people had recovered.

I am not fully recovered.

I have fatigue and loss of appetite. Food does not interest me at all. So far, I’ve had no ill effects from not eating, but I will be getting a medical check-up soon.

I feel the fatigue lifting and it does help to make myself get up and get involved in my activities.

The flu brought gory details, which I’m not going to share!

It’s the most unpleasant, debilitating illness I’ve had in a long time and it lasted far too long!

I spent far too much time on my own, having dark, flu-like thoughts…but these have lifted and I’m coming back to good cheer and optimism.


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