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Bye Blog?

Posted by berkeleyscot on November 16, 2009

I am thinking I might give up Blogging.

I feel I’m talking to myself, which I do a lot, anyway, but then I HOPE there’s no one listening! But, with the Blog, I never know IF anyone is ‘listening’ or, most times, even who they are!

few months ago I became a participant on Facebook.  On Facebook’s intro page, there is a question, ”What’s on your mind?” Space is provided for only a sentence or two, so there is no chance to drivel on.

Unlike a blog, if there is a response from a ‘friend,’ it can be immediate and a ‘conversation’ can take place.

I’ve never restricted who can read my blog, but, on Facebook, only those who are on my chosen ‘friends’ list have access to what I choose to share.

Of course, I also have access to what my friends have on their minds.

Most people on my list are people I already know, but there are some people I ‘talk to’ because we share a Scottish background or have other friends in common.

The other day, a lady from the same part of the world suggested, on Facebook, that I access a particular magazine online, because it featured an article about the Buckie Fishing Heritage Museum.  The article wasn’t accessible. Of course, the publisher wants you to buy the magazine!

As a result, my friend, whom I’ve never met, is going to send me her copy of the magazine!

As I’ve been ‘talking to myself’ for the last few minutes, it’s on my mind that I’ll maybe keep the blog after all!


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OorMargit is back!

Posted by berkeleyscot on March 31, 2009

Aye, I’ll be transcribing interviews for the Buckie Fishing Heritage Museum.

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What I’d forgotten about Buckie

Posted by berkeleyscot on November 30, 2008

One of my closest friends, in Buckie, recently celebrated her 60th birthday.

This birthday deserved more then the usual card, so I decided to send flowers.

Her birthday was on a Sunday and I thought I’d arrange for delivery on the Friday before, because she’d be busy with family and guests over the weekend.

“I’ll call the flower shop in Buckie on Wednesday,” I decided.  Buckie time is 8 hours ahead of Berkeley, so I called early in the morning to be sure of talking to someone in the shop before they closed for the day.

No one answered. The voice mail didn’t identify the shop and I chose to not leave the order with my credit card number.

What I’d forgotten about Buckie is that the shops close for half-day Wednesdays!

Apparently this is because of the Shops Act of 1912, which regulated working conditions of shop assistants and restaurant workers.

Half-day closing on Wednesday is far more civilized than trampling a store employee to death to get in the shop.

Buckie looks good!

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