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I knew that having cerebral palsy would complicate things…

Posted by berkeleyscot on February 6, 2009

I’ve spent today in my office, completely unable to stand up.

My right knee is swollen and very, very painful.

I knew that it was swollen when I got up in the morning, but managed to go downstairs.

Then I went back upstairs to my office to start my day with email, as usual. I wanted to have a productive day and I’d made a list of things that I might accomplish. But I couldn’t stand up. My right knee was double its size and I was in awful pain. I thought my kneecap was dislocated.

Richard said we’d have to call an ambulance and go to hospital.

I couldn’t bear the thought, so we’ve struggled through the day with heat, ice, massaging and a lot of bad language.

The swelling is subsiding and I might just be able to get wheeled to bed in my typing chair.

That’s the description of the complication.

I had physiotherapy on Tuesday and I did one exercise sitting on a balance ball. I rolled backwards, forwards and from side to side.

That put great stress on my right knee. I heard and felt it grinding and I should have stopped…

Now I am stopped! Completely!

I have cerebral palsy and I need to be vocal about it!

All I can say right now is a very loud “OUCH!!!!!!”


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The Progress of the Plan

Posted by berkeleyscot on January 17, 2009

No progress today on ‘the Plan.’ But I’m pleased to have people comment on the plan potential.

I did see a competent physiotherapist, Janet. She has assured me that all moving parts will move again and maybe even better.

I have to do exercises. I will do them.

I am glad they don’t involve squeezing a beanbag. In the 1950s that was supposed to be a cure for cerebral palsy.

But it didn’t work.

I wish Richard would not refer to the piece of metal in my arm as a ‘sizable chunk.’

Will he sell me scrap if we fall on hard times?

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“Do You Always Walk That Way…”

Posted by berkeleyscot on January 6, 2009

Asked the nurse who had just officially discharged me from the Surgery Center.  She was accompanying me to the waiting area where Richard was to collect me.

I’ve given lots of thought to this kind of question.

I’d like to say, “How do I walk? Show me!”

But, I was immediately post-surgery and anesthetized at that moment and just needed to go home, so I admitted that I do always ‘walk that way.’

Cerebral Palsy will complicate my physiotherapy. I will have to explain that I couldn’t make a fist with my right hand before and I won’t be able to now.

I never could write with my right hand so calligraphy is not going to happen.

A close friend said, “I’ve always thought you must be right-handed, because, although your hand-writing is legible, it’s as if you’re a right-handed person, writing with your left hand!”

It’s curious that I had planned to experiment with cerebral palsy in 2009. By that, I mean, attempting to do things that I haven’t done in a long time – getting on a bus, for example.

How much is the aging process affecting me? What is it like to age with cerebral palsy?

AND – how do people REALLY see me?

When I was in the operating theatre, and before I went under, the crew chatted to me, thusly… “How boring that you tripped on the sidewalk and did not fall on the ski slopes… You’ll be driving by the end of the month… You’ll be using your right hand again!”

I am in awe of my great surgeon and the work he did to fix my arm – but the Surgery Center isn’t Lourdes, and yes, I will always ‘walk this way…’

I’ll just be so happy to see my wee right hand again in its natural curled up cerebral palsy state.

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