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Another Urban Myth and Why I don’t Believe It

Posted by berkeleyscot on October 5, 2009

I’m on the emailing list of an acquaintance, who, every Sunday, sends a report of her week.

This week, apart from her usual blether, she had included a report of a ‘scary incident’ that she’d heard about.

Now, she did admit, it was a rumour, she didn’t know the people involved, but she told it as she believed it 100%.

While they were on holiday in France, a couple had taken their young daughter to Euro Disney for the day. The daughter went on a ride, but when the ride stopped, she wasn’t on it!

According to the story, the park security can throw an emergency switch, which closes all exits.

Ten minutes later, the lassie was found, but in that time, her hair had been cut, her clothes had been changed and she was wearing a baseball cap.

“Apparently, she had been snatched from the ride and these organized gangs had had everything ready to change this wee lass’s identity forever…” wrote my acquaintance.

I did not believe a word of this story. Why Not?

I think that, in broad daylight, someone would have seen the snatching, especially on a moving ride.

Where did the hair cutting and clothes change take place?

The lass was found within 10 minutes. Seems she was found alone. Where was the organized gang?

I’d neither heard nor read anything in the news about this alleged incident, so I goggled ‘Euro Disney kidnapping,’ and found this article in the Times of London.

I’m not making light of real kidnappings and the terrible suffering of abducted children.

Just saying why I didn’t believe this particular story.


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